17. Gareth Davis

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Wednesday 24 November

St Paul's Hall 1pm,
Tickets £10 (£8 concession)

Elliott Sharp All the Klang you are (World Premiere)
Bernhard Lang MyFunnyV. (UK Premiere)
Peter Ablinger new work (World Premiere)
Roland Dahinden Action for Jackson (UK Premiere)
Evan Johnson Ground (UK Premiere)

Gareth Davis clarinet

In its simplest sense, this is a somewhat distorted look at a jazz set. A set of ‘standards' that have been deconstructed and reworked. Reworked not as variations or elaborations on a recognisable theme but, in this case, more as impressions. Fragmented, misquoted and misremembered impressions of the songbook originals.

Produced by hcmf//

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  • Simon Fay Simon Fay

    at 23:38 on Friday 26 November 2010, wrote

    Bloody awful: virtuosic feats of cultural management. Biggest response from the audience was to the piece most obviously concerned with commentary on performance vs recording, premises for treatises on contemporary bollocks etc etc. Shame to waste someone who obviously has command of his instrument on such arid crap. Shame the noisy tosspot students protesting outside didn't attck the place.