27. LFO Orchestra

Friday 26 November

Bates Mill 10pm,
Tickets £15 (£13 concession)
Kasper Toeplitz bass / laptop / director
Pierre-Alexandre Tremblay bass / laptop
Thierry Madiot trombone / horns / FX
Didier Casamitjana percussion / electronics
Victor Nubla bass clarinet / FX
Adam Linson double-bass / laptop
Ulrich Maiss electric cello / bass / FX
Fred Gastard bass saxophone / FX
Frederick Galiay bass / FX
Erik Baron bass / laptop
Serge Bertocchi tubax


‘Telluric chaos and noise, or architectures of deserted landscapes, accents of underwater explosions, a quasi-constant electric howl and bursts of high-frequency splinters - the LFO Orchestra is not about the quiet and the polite. Bass instruments are not limited to their low register, they can play virtually as high as you can only imagine; but with a greater tension, a will to break the limits, the danger. Those used in LFO - bass guitars, double-bass, bass sax, bass clarinets, bass trombone, bass-cello, symphonic bass drums, all enhanced by electronics and the use of electricity - become sort of supra-instruments and their association is less an orchestra in the classical meaning, than a multi-headed entity whose music is similar to the frictions of tectonic plates agitated by slow brownian movements.'
KT Toeplitz

Produced by hcmf//

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