32. Lotte Anker

Saturday 27 November

Phipps Hall 10pm,
Tickets £10 (£8 concession)

Lotte Anker what river is this (co-commissioned by hcmf// and Wundergrund Festival) (UK Premiere)

Lotte Anker saxophones
Phil Minton voice
Anna Klett clarinet / bass clarinet
Garth Knox viola
Jesper Egelund bass
Fred Frith guitar
Chris Cutler percussion
Ikue Mori electronics

what river is this deals with - and is inspired by - different states of dreaming/awakeness; the merging in and out of different dreams and realities as well as the overall question of reality itself.

The piece uses fragments of texts by Jorge Louis Borges and Danish poet Ursula Andkjær Olsen, and is a mix of through composed and improvised sections.

Co-produced and co-commissioned by hcmf// and Wundergrund Festival, with support from the Danish Arts Foundation

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