Alvin Curran Ear Training

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Friday 19 November

Huddersfield Railway Station,
Free Event
Alvin Curran
Edges Ensemble


Alvin Curran is joined by members of the University of Huddersfield's experimental music ensemble to symbolically mark the arrival of the Every Day is a Good Day exhibition in Huddersfield.

An urban-blitz of incomparable sonic decorum will momentarily transform Huddersfield Railway Station into a choreographed concert of commuters going nowhere but into the heart of the casual sounds they will make (just like the other real travellers), except the ‘concerted' sounds will be made with real musical instruments or reconverted pieces of junk tubing, wooden blocks, small objects like jaw harps, harmonicas, mobile phone rings and cheap boom-boxes.

This performance will be repeated on Saturday 8 January 2011 at 12 noon to mark the end of the exhibition.

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  • sarah osborne sarah osborne

    at 19:51 on Wednesday 20 October 2010, wrote

    Can you let me know what time this performance will be on the 19th of November