Apartment House

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Wednesday 24 November

Huddersfield Art Gallery, 2.15 - 4.30pm,
Free Event

John Cage Atlas Eclipticalis
John Cage Winter Music


Apartment House

Huddersfield Art Gallery provides the backdrop for this non-seated performance in which space is illuminated by constellations of sounds. Continuing methods used in the Music for piano series (see page 12), these two works are the result of Cage mapping musical material such as staves and clefs onto star charts from the Atlas Eclipticalis.
Please feel free to drop in and out of this durational performance.

Produced by hcmf//

A ‘Pop-Up Art School', a temporary and exciting way to engage and participate in art and design, will ‘pop up' at this event. Inspired by the music at hcmf//, creative art experiences will be offered alongside these performances, facilitated by PGCE Art and Design from the School of Education, University of Huddersfield.

All welcome - no experience necessary


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