Korall Koral


Saturday 24 November

Creative Arts Building, 11AM
Tickets £4 (admits one child with an adult)
Korall Koral – a baby opera is a performance specifically created for children age 3 and under and their grown-ups. The piece is a co-production between designer Christina Lindgren, performer Hanne Dieserud, The Norwegian Opera and Ballet and The Norwegian Touring Theatre, with music by hcmf// Composer in Residence, Maja S K Ratkje. 
The audience is enticed by noise into a shell-shaped tent, an intimate and inviting landscape where two performers with specially designed instruments create music and song. The unique instruments resemble sea creatures inspired by life in the depths of the Arctic Ocean; there are weird creatures such as the sea horse harp, a bagpipe creature, glass chime jellyfish and a flute made from two creatures. The opera has no linear narrative but is rather a series of events with triggers of excitement, humour or serenity. A musical game is created through shaping sounds to form language and song. 
Children and adults need no prior knowledge to enjoy this piece as there is nothing to be understood or explained; it is to be enjoyed as a magical experience.

Produced by hcmf// supported by The Norwegian Arts Council, Music Information Centre Norway and the Norwegian Embassy

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